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My very first dog was a rescued Weimaraner, back in 1989, and this was the start of my love for rescued dogs

Ten years later, I moved to Spain where I rescued a pregnant dog. I went on to rescue more than 20 dogs, keeping two myself but helping to rehome the others. When I returned to the UK, my two dogs came with me and had long, happy lives

My next dog, Snowy, was a gift for my son as a support dog. Sadly, Snowy was killed by two dogs in October whilst out walking

We found this event very tragic, but I immediately set my mind to creating a reminder of happier times. With the help of a fabric design and printing company, Presiman Designs, I produced a painting that they have printed on a tea towel

I feel that, at the moment, it’s the least I can do in helping and supporting Hope Rescue

Maybe one day I will rescue another dog but, for now, I’m hoping others will help me to support this amazing local charity by buying a tea towel